About Us

Peninsula Pet Cremations is located in Newport News, Virginia and operated out of the Altmeyer Funeral Home’s Riverside Chapel. We are family-owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on our ability to serve our community with dedication and compassion. Our building is located on the corner of 75th Street and River Road in Newport News, and we welcome you to call or stop in at any time.

Losing a pet is difficult, especially for young children. Having a small service for your animal can help you and your loved ones find closure, whether you choose cremation or burial. The caring professionals at Peninsula Pet Cremations know your pet was a part of your family, and we will help you make your decisions respectfully.

Some of our services include pet cremation, personalization, and assistance with at-home burials. We are available to pick up your pet and bring them to our facility while you take time to consider your options and plan their memorial. We keep a variety of caskets, urns, and keepsakes on site for you to select from, and to make your pet’s remembrance even more meaningful, we can personalize your container with their name or a special quote.

When the time comes to make arrangements for your pet, we understand their importance because animals are a part of our families too. Our understanding pet service counselor will help you pre-plan for an elderly pet, or cope with an unexpected loss. For more information about our crematory and burial services, or to inquire about specific types of merchandise we carry, contact us today.